Rich Edwards

Lockdown Show

In March 2020 our lives changed.  Our freedoms, our routines, our plans and most of the things that made sense of our existence changed beyond recognition and very suddenly, everything looked different. There was no shortage of fear, uncertainty, loss and confusion but somewhere in all of that mayhem there was also good to be found. 

For me, I found a much needed comma in a life that was full in the best of ways but was racing by, far too quickly.  This enforced pause brought an unrecognisable and unique stillness and with it came opportunities.  Quieter lives, quieter skies, cleaner air, glowing greens, brighter blues and yellows that actually yelled.  The birdsong was louder,  I found new spaces in local places, new joy in simple objects, I missed rain, the skies were endless, the light was unfamiliar and intoxicating and new paths were found, so many new paths. 

I felt an unavoidable need to capture my experience of this unique time and what started as a two or three week time-filler actually ended eighteen months later with 114 paintings and my first solo exhibition.  To mark the launch of my new ‘web-shop’, I’ve released 44 signed prints from the collection, all of which are now available to buy in various sizes in the Lockdown: Finding the Light gallery.