Rich Edwards

And we’re LIVE!

So after many years of wanting, weeks of planning and hours of doing, my new web-shop and online gallery is complete and open for business. I don’t care that it’s long overdue, now has felt the right time to do it and it’s ended up exactly as I hoped and dreamt it would be. None of this would’ve happened without the patience and expertise of John Barnes from the Wild Cider Company. Turns out, his website constructing skills are as perfect as his cider making ones. Seriously though, if you like proper west country cider, look no further! The greatest of thanks has to go to my incredible wife, Emma, without whom none of this would’ve happened. Her encouragement is invaluable but more significantly to this project, her expertise in photographing and digitally capturing all of my work has made the entire project possible and something I can be proud of. Emma runs the Fine Art Printing Company and you genuinely wont find a better person to work with or better quality prints ANYWHERE!

Anyway, I hope you like what we’ve created. New stuff will be added continually and other stuff will probably vanish as and when it sells or when I choose to end an edition. Browsing is always welcomed and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Thanks, Rich and Emma.