Rich Edwards

Solo exhibition. June 4-9th.

This post is long overdue and it’s been far too long since I released any news for which I’m sorry. The reason (albeit a little poor) is that for the last two and a half years, I’ve been hell-bent on painting over 80 paintings for my current project, Nine Chapters of Stillness, which will reach its conclusion this June with a solo exhibition at Three Storeys in Nailsworth. The work is a reflection of the scenes and atmospheres I’m drawn to that inhabit a certain stillness and calmness, qualities that seem to escape me most of the time. The show will feature works that explore fog, puddles, snow, light on water, pools, vivid landscapes, rain, hilltops and vistas through tree-scapes, all in the moods I find them in from the perspective of the mood I find myself in. If you’re free, I’d love it if you can pop along. More details to follow nearer the time but I’ll be there from the evening of Monday 4th – 9th. Thanks for reading.